Cawthon Family | Toccoa, GA

I didn’t know Suni very well in high school.  She was several years older than me but I knew who she was and I knew what kind of person she was by the way she treated other people and the way that people treated her.  She was sweet then and and still is.  I was excited when she contacted me about her family session and couldn’t wait to meet her two sweet little boys.  I spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon with Suni, David, Jake and Seth and these are the images I captures of their precious family.

One of my faves…

The boys were SO well behaved while I took a few pictures of just Suni and David.  I was soooooo appreciative.

The many sides of Jake.

Just as we were walking to our cars I saw these beautiful leaves and had to take advantage.



Suni - Erin, I LOVE them!! You are a miracle worker! Put us down for next fall–if you’ll have us. ;)

Middaugh Family | Greenville, SC

I love me some Middaughs.  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing their little family for the last two years and we recently got together for Christopher’s 2 year portraits.  Christopher is about the sweetest funniest little 2 year old I know and his curly hair is just too cute for words.  We hung out in their back yard for the afternoon and got some great shots of them doing what they do best…loving each other.


Christopher wanted to show Justin his leaf so he shoved it in his face.  Justin’s expression cracks me up.
Christopher’s Grandpa got him a “digger” for his birthday and he just loves playing on it!
So inquisitive…Definitely my fave!
Christopher looooooves bulldozers.This is what happens when you take a few minutes to get pictures of Mommy & Daddy.  Christopher didn’t want to miss out on any snuggling.Christopher turned his shoe into a camera.  Such an imagination!

Little boys are so so sweet.And just in case you couldn’t read that fine print on his t-shirt….there’s another baby Middaugh on the way!  Can’t wait to get him/her in front of my camera next summer!


Melissa - You have such an amazing way with the kiddos! I bet the parents appreciate how worn out their children are at the end of a shoot with you :-) I really love following along with the families you’ve been capturing for years now! Beautiful once again!! xoxo

Marisa - I have no idea how you captured these amazing pictures with him being such a wild man that day! Thank you soooo much. We love them!

Week 21 | Maternity Series

I’ve heard that pregnancy and childbirth can take a toll on a person’s level of modesty.  Well, apparently that is true in my case since I am posting pictures of me me wearing my husband’s boxers with my belly button hanging out, no mascara (GASP!) and wet hair.  I’m not gonna lie, I waited until the last minute to do my week 21 belly pictures.  I spent the day at my favorite 2 year old’s b-day party with plans to come home and knock my pictures out.  I made these plans under the incorrect assumption that the Steeler’s game was not on a local channel and quickly adjusted my plans when I learned differently.  This is what I look like on a Sunday night when I am exhausted and all I want to do is sit on the couch, eat large amount of frozen yogurt and watch a football game.  I figured at some point in this series I would end up taking some not-so-flattering pictures but just didn’t realize I would accomplish that by week 21.  Just consider me an over-achiever.

And now, for the real reason that most of you are here….Week 21 belly pictures.

Now it’s time for Question of the Week! (FYI – I’m secretly disappointed in myself for not coming up with a better name than “Question of the Week”.  Feel free to chime in if you have a fun suggestion that is less boring.)  Here is a question that I have started getting a lot more often in the last 2 weeks:

Aw, can I touch your belly???

The answer that I say out loud: “Sure.”

The answer that I say in my head: “Yes, but ONLY because you asked.  Don’t think you can do this again without asking each time because you might catch me off guard and I might karate chop you.

Some pregnant women are bothered by people touching their belly.  I totally get it.  I just don’t have a problem with it.  I haven’t minded it yet but that is most likely because I haven’t been approached by any strangers yet.  If I had to guess I would say that I will most likely be fine with strangers touching my belly under a few stipulations: They are a woman, they aren’t crazy looking and asking to touch my belly is not the first thing they say to me.  If I know you, I’m totally cool with you touching my belly….if you feel so inclined.  I’m proud of my baby bump and…don’t judge me….but I am a belly toucher myself.  I only ask others when I know without a doubt that they aren’t bothered by it.  There is just something so amazing about knowing that there is a baby inside a person and is only inches from your hand.  I loved touching my sister’s belly when she was pregnant with my niece and nephew and feel the same way about my friend’s baby bellies.  I would personally never touch a strangers belly at this point in my life but I reserve the right to change my mind at a later date.  Now, for those of you that are new to belly touching or are unfamiliar with the proper etiquette of belly touching, here are some important guidelines to remember.

1. Always Ask.  It’s rude and kind of creepy to not ask.  And don’t be offended or upset if the owner of the belly says “no!”

2. The Belly Button is Your North Star.  Stay in the general area of the belly button or right above the belly button.  Don’t venture any further south or north or you will most likely lose all future belly touching privileges.

3.  Don’t Rub.  Just put your hand(s) on the belly and don’t move around unless the owner of the belly says that the baby is moving and tells you or shows you where to put your hand so that you can feel the movement.

4.  Don’t Overstay Your Welcome.  If you are just touching the belly and the baby is not kicking, you need to get in and get out in under 10 seconds.  At least that is my rough estimate.  Even if I know someone very well but they put their hands on my belly and just leave them there for an extended period of time, it makes me uncomfortable.  Touch the belly, feel it’s magic and move on.

Please remember that if you have questions that you would like me to answer in a future Maternity Series blog, leave me a comment with your question and I’ll consider it!!!


*I MUST give credit where credit is due.  This photo series was not my idea.  The idea itself is not original to me in any way.  What is original to me is my belly and my words.  Any and all credit for the Maternity Series idea should and hopefully will go to Pacing the Panic Room.  I have unfortunately seen several similar series since he first introduced it and few of them gave proper credit.  I ask that anyone that uses these images will ultimately also give proper credit to Pacing The Panic Room.  Without the inspiration of his series, I highly doubt that my series would exist.  Thank you!

abby - love the pics! it makes me feel like i might actually have been over for that game. of course, i’d have been playing with the dogs outside or making some gluten-free desert in your kitchen because i have no attention span for football, but either way, it’s nice to imagine being able to hang out.

Amanda - I never minded either, but these are all VERY valid points. For the love, don’t slowly rub the belly. *shudder*

Just a Tiny Update

I’ve written this blog in my mind about 18 times.  At least once a week for the past 4 1/2 months.  And each of those 18 blog entries were completely different because my life and my emotions were different on the day that I dictated them in my mind.  I’m finally putting my thoughts into words and I hope I do them justice.

I’m pregnant.

So in love with my husband.

And the happiest I’ve ever been.

Jason and I are having our first baby in January 2012.  When I first found out I was pregnant I was dying to share our news.  But the practical side of me kept our secret (for the most part) until after our first ultrasound where we heard our baby’s heartbeat.  That sweet beautiful heartbeat. 179 beats per minute belonged to the most loved baby in the world and was growing inside of me at 10 weeks.

We had a gender ultrasound at 16 weeks because, well, I REALLY wanted to know the sex.  I’ve never claimed to be a patient person and this was no different.  I had been trying for weeks to get Jason to guess the sex of the baby for weeks and he just refused to make a guess.  As we sat in the waiting room before our ultrasound, I whispered “I really think it’s a girl but puh-lease don’t tell anyone if I’m wrong.”   No one expects mothers to have accurate gender intuition but I just didn’t want anyone to know if I was wrong about the baby that was…ya know…GROWING INSIDE OF ME.  Regardless, I was confident in my “feeling”.  Ever since I found out I was pregnant I had dreams that it was a girl all except for once.  They were all dreams about being a new parent.  Things like bringing the baby home from the hospital and realizing that we didn’t have anything we needed to care for a newborn, breastfeeding and anything else that new parents can have anxiety about.  The focus of the dreams wasn’t the sex of the baby but I always woke up remembering the sex and only one dream had a baby boy in it.  Then I had a dream about a week or two before the ultrasound that solidified my hunch.  I dreamt that I was holding a baby that was a couple months old.  It was swaddled in a blanket and all I could see was it’s head.  It was sleeping.  And for the whole dream I was just staring at this baby in awe and just could NOT get over how it…she…looked exactly like me when I was a baby.  The shape of her face, her nose, her lips, her chin. It was like I was holding myself as a baby.  But the one thing that was different from how I looked as a child was that this baby had Jason’s hair color.  That color where it’s not red but it’s not brown and you can’t really figure out what color it is.  That was her hair color.  I loved that dream and I wish I could repeat it every night.  But seeing that baby in my dream was nothing compared to seeing our baby in our ultrasound.  It had grown so much and now had obvious fingers, toes, lips, eyes and ears.  And it was a she.


Click here to the see the first of my posts documenting the pregnancy and check back weekly to see belly updates.  I back dated the first post of the series to put it in the proper week of my pregnancy…for those wondering why I am blogging in the past.  :)


Amanda - Congratulations again, Erin! I’m so excited for you and your hubby :) It is a crazy wild ride. Enjoy every single second!

Bree - I am so happy for you Erin! There is nothing more special than your first baby.

Courtney - I’m SO excited for you Erin!! :) And I’m so happy you’re having a little girl, just like you dreamed. XoXo

Kim - Congrats again! I’m so happy for you and Jason! And, aw, look at Gwyneth’s cute little noooooseee :)

Ravyn - Yay!!! So happy for you guys!!! Can’t wait to follow your posts. Threw cheers for baby making. :)

Tina - Yay, congratulations, that’s so exciting!! Cant’ wait to see pictures of the little girl:)

Gail - YEAHHH!!! Wonderful news for you lady! I hope next year I can be sharing some news like this myself ;) (that’s the hope anyway!) Love that you’re doing the Pacing the Panic Room photos too. I LOVE that series so so much!

Melissa - Yayayay!!! I have been beyond excited for this chapter in your life even before I KNEW I was excited, and I absolutely cannit wait to see the beautiful daughter my best friend and her husband have created. Love you ALL!!!! xoxo

Tracy Palmer - Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!! So happy for you guys! xxoo

Sarah Carr - I’m so happy for you guys!!! We’ll have cousins born pretty close together and between you and I (and the rest of your blog), I think this is a girl too…never doubt Mom’s intuition! It’s the way I knew there were issues with Brody from before he was born to this day. Mom’s, especially the ones who are very in-tune to their kiddos, are right. We just know. Enjoy every minute and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to chat!

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